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    EFFEGI founded by Franco Brega, has operated in the dental sector for about 20 years to meet the special requirements of dentistry and dental technology.

    Right from the start this company has guaranteed reliability, seriousness and security, offering accurate workmanship and using technologically advanced components and material.

    It consolidates its image with the design and construction of a sophisticated range of attractively styled ergonomic apparatus of which it quickly became market leader.

    Today there is no dental laboratory unaware of the quality of steam producers like Minivapor 93 (4 ATM.) and Multivap (8 ATM.) and polymerizers like Pentathlon 205 and Polyvalent with their robot controlled versions Polytron and Pentathlon RB.

    Another first is in the field of minimoulders: a device which has already made history in the sector of dental technology, the Minimoulder Brega, now in its new version BB85.

    EFFEGI also produces a line of low consumption liquid ring surgical aspirators, which have since a long time won a good position on the market, due to the excellent quality/price ratio.

    One of the success factors of EFFEGI is imagination and constant desire for improvement and there is no doubt that this firm will offer new and interesting creations for us in the future.

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    UNIDI, In over 40 years of activity (it was set up in 1969) UNIDI has made an all-important contribution to the growth of the Italian dental industry. Today, it is one of the world leaders; among the first for volume of business, technological innovation and exports.

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