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VANNINI DENTAL INDUSTRY S.r.l. was founded in 1985 by Giordano Vannini, as the natural expansion of a manufacturing activity in dental equipment and materials, which was begun with pioneering spirit in the period immediately following the war. Subsequently, VANNINI DENTAL INDUSTRY specialised in the design and production of a complete line of technologically innovative materials for impressions and related accessories for dentist’s surgeries and dental laboratories. The primary objective of the company is the continuous improvement of the level of quality of its products, through a scrupulous quality control achieved thanks to state-of-the-art technological instruments. VANNINI DENTAL INDUSTRY gives maximum attention to aspects pertaining to quality, safety, the respect of current legislation, and service, with particular care for Customer Satisfaction. The Quality System used by VANNINI DENTAL INDUSTRY is in accordance with the standards prescribed by ISO 9001:2012 and ISO 13485:2003, a useful instrument for the further improvement of company processes, aimed at achieving an increasingly higher market competitiveness, and maximum customer satisfaction. The products manufactured by VANNINI DENTAL INDUSTRY are present in 75 countries, thanks to the efficient co-operation of business partners situated in the various areas, who guarantee service on a professional level.