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OMS was founded in 1961 and soon, thanks to the brilliant capability of its founder, Engineer Sordina, it became one of the leading Italian companies in the production of dental units for dentists. In 2001, after the death of the OMS founder, the Borin family took over the Company. Mrs Carla Pedrazzini became the President, leading the Company according to high moral principles. She invested in the staff and followed an honest and fair business policy through dealers specialised in advice, sales and technical service. The advanced research has always allowed OMS to offer pioneering solutions. OMS have always offered totally made in Italy products, which distinguish themselves through the high quality of its materials and, the professionalism and expertise of OMS staff, the continuous search for improvement and the constant attention both to current and new customers in order to satisfy their various requests. Today OMS, with Davide Borin, who has joined the Board of Directors, proudly and obstinately preserves the distinctive features of its leadership: the technological innovation and the stylistic development are still influenced by family tradition in order to provide the professionals of the dental world with that quality that does not want to reach compromises.