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MOLTENI DENTAL was officially born in 1996, from a spin-off of Bayer Dental, in partnership with L. Molteni & C. dei F.lli Alitti Soc. di Esercizio S.p.a. (Molteni Farmaceutici), offering a long-standing expertise in injectables. The Company continuously searched for the newest technology: today MOLTENI DENTAL has set its level with the most sophisticated equipment for the sterile production. Our products give the highest standard of safety and quality to the practice of dentistry. With this new identity MOLTENI DENTAL has been committed to focus all the activities in the dental community, working on a wide product range from injectables to medical devices. Our Regulatory Department is a leading one in the dental field focused on the international pharmaceutical registration, and what is more MOLTENI DENTAL is officially certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 for the production and the marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. We are now a brand recommended by doctors and dental assistants in Italy and since 1997 MOLTENI DENTAL is selling on the international market across the EMEA countries. Starting from 2014, MOLTENI DENTAL is selling in Poland through its controlled subsidiary Molteni Stomat Sp. z o.o..