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MIROMED is a young, dynamic company, heir to more than 20 years experience through the acquisition of a series of exclusive brands representative of excellence in the panorama of Italian and international dentistry
The dental division of MIROMED concentrates all the synergy of the company’s R&D (Research & Design) Department thanks to ongoing investments and the intense working relations the company has with some of Italy’s and the world’s major universities.
MIROMED has implemented and maintains a quality management system in full compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 13485:2012 standards. A further guarantee that our products and services are acknowledged as being of the highest qualitative and technological standards.
MIROMED has a network of direct sales agents, dealers and depots, in addition to constantly updated knowledge of the specific needs of the professionals it serves. They are qualified to offer the best, most advantageous and most advanced solutions that evolving technology has to offer.
MIROMED has a Marketing Division dedicated exclusively to promoting the company’s products through advanced graphic, audio and visual design, all to assure the highest level of information in the rapidest times. MIROMED works with a range of experts from renowned universities and research laboratories whose task it is to guarantee the properties, effectiveness and quality of all products the company releases.
MIROMED is capable of providing “global services” to dentists, dental technicians, industry and the large scale retail sector. These “services” range from technical analysis to identifying the most suitable products and the study and resolution of any specific problem. MIROMED also has a highly evolved logistics organisation able to assure rapid deliveries and service throughout national territory.
MIROMED isn’t just marketing and customer service, but proactive production, which thanks to its careful selection of the materials it uses and above all to its ongoing conspicuous investments in research and development, offers innovative products of the highest quality.