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Media Lab was founded in 1994 with the goal of producing IT services for the dental sector. Our only goal, from the very first day, has been to produce IT solutions and services, exclusively aimed at Doctors, Dentists and Odontologists, concentrating on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction represents a goal constantly pursued by Media Lab.

The bilingual call-center (Italian and English) allows us to offer a highly professional after-sales service with staff exclusively dedicated to supporting dental industry applications.

We at Media Lab like to think of the user of our products not as a customer but as belonging to a community, where the various components, both creators and beneficiaries of the services, collaborate in the growth and development of products. The satisfaction of the dentist is not only a goal but a company philosophy which is constantly strived for: innovation, research, quality and after-sales service are the elements that allow us to achieve this objective.