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LORAN is a young company imbued with dynamism and a highly professional attitude, in line with the spirit of initiative which is animating the European economy.

Thanks to the experience acquired, the gradual introduction of computerized working processes and the originality of the articles, the production of furnishing for dental offices and dental laboratories enables LORAN to offer a product which stands out for its high quality. The durability, the functional nature of each component, the attention given to details and the certificates of compliance CE, are further reasons not just to maintain the image acquired but also to satisfy the continuous market demands.
Daily collaboration with professionals from the dental sector means the development of ongoing research to find the best designs for each single request.
The company’s continuous rapid expansion on the market is confirmation of a valid forward-looking corporate professionality.
Tradition, innovation, personality and design: features which characterise Loran furnishings, a company that is a reference point for the dental industry since 1988.

A special wind has always been blowing, the wind that has inspired our daily commitment in research and innovation, attention to details and appreciation for the professionals. Our strong point is that we are convinced that life is not only about work but also about passion for things, well made objects, keeping people in mind with due regard. Our products are s an expression of this feeling, which combines form and function, technology and passion. Quality certification assures the superior quality of these products, the fruit of many years of experience and ongoing technical and design research in the field.

Our ongoing commitment to improving our relations with our clients has enabled us to implement a brand new service thanks to which it will be much easier to design and view dental cabinets and laboratory furnishing solutions. Simply give us the dimensions of your dental cabinet or laboratory and a list of the functions you need, and you will soon receive a 3D image of the furnishing solution.

An investment for the future
Since the 20th of January 2009, Loran has adopted the photovoltaic system to produce electrical power. With the new 65 kilowatt photovoltaic system, the company is self-sufficient in terms of electrical energy: an investment for the future that safeguards the environment.