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A small laboratory was established in 1946 and later transformed in a dynamic international chemical company. The zinc-oxyphosphate cement Kleio and the temporary filling cement Litark were the first two products introduced to the market. After a successful market response, Akripon (a thermoplastic impression compound) and Kromopan (the first ever chromatic alginate) were also introduced to the dental community. Kromopan became a milestone of innovation for the dental world because of his accuracy which allow to obtain high quality impressions. Lascod commitment in the research area has always aimed to solve daily problems of the dentists. It’s belief that the transmission of viruses and pathologies from one patient to another mainly occur by the using of the dental instruments or by the same operators in case of mild lesions. It was for the express purpose of facilitating the basic sanitizing steps of the instruments that in 1994 Lascod patented a new and extremely functional smooth handle. Besides making the junction site impenetrable, this solution also eliminates the need to add other materials, chemical adhesives or welding generally used by other manufacturers; which are responsible for triggering and facilitating oxidation and corrosion. 70 years of marketing experience. Highly skilled personnel, an extensive sales network reaching all over the world, product quality recognition. All that, together with the most modern manufacturing, packing and logistics system have made of LASCOD products a reference point in the dental field. Our customers will always be the reason of our success.