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Distribution of Dental Products

A partner in your success for 60 years
IDS has been carrying out pioneering research and presenting increasingly innovative and state-of-the-art dental materials to the Italian dental market since 1947.

Company activities have always focused on product quality and innovation to ensure the highest possible dentist satisfaction. Thanks to 60 years of experience in the everyday needs and problems of modern dentistry, IDS continues to design and constantly improve products with truly distinctive features.

In today’s global marketplace, IDS now also offers its best selling lines, such as Opticore®, Blancone®, Sensout®, Viroxid®, Oralprox® and Oralsan®, to international markets, and with increasingly greater success.

For IDS, total quality, in terms of products as well as before and after sales customer service, is an absolute must to earn the satisfaction and fidelity of dentists and all business partners.

IDS products are covered by insurance in case of damage to third party due to manufacturing defects.