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G.Comm is an innovative company, focused on the production of system and components for dental units. Our phisolophy in designing our products is based on ensuring the well work of dentists and the well-being of patients, always in total respect of sanitary regulations, hygienic conditions and environmental safety. G.comm has developed a wide range of Dental Lights, applying innovative technical solutions in dental illumination. In 2007 we introduced Polaris, the first LED Dental light with the color temperature regulation. In 2013 we introduced IRIS and IRIS View, the first dental light with pre-setted light programs and HD Videocamera, with a dedicated App to control it through an I-Pad. Together with dental lights, G.Comm supplies a full range of components for dental units: electric micromotors, monitor arms, tray arms, instruments hoses, tubings, vacuum tubings, pneumatic valves, infection control devices, foot control, syringes, pressure regulators, control blocks, electro-pneumatic boards and many others. G.Comm will also design and create your custom product under your specific request to help you find the best and finest solution to your dental unit. Customer care and passion for our products are the basis of the growing success of G.Comm around the world, distributing today in more than countries all over the world.