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EURONDA with its 40 years of experience in the dentistry sector, is a consolidated global reality in the field of both disposable and sterilization products, offering a full range of ergonomic, extremely reliable products thanks to the high quality of the materials employed. The ideal partner for dental practices, EURONDA offers Made in Italy design together with advanced technology and consolidated know-how thanks to the company’s ongoing investments in the R&D Department. The Monoart® disposable line consists in a wide range of products going from the colorful saliva ejectors in non-toxic PVC to the new Towel Up!, from the exclusive latex gloves and masks, and many more essential products for the dental practice. EURONDA is also a leader in the Infection Control System, a new generation product range including autoclaves, thermosealing machines, ultrasonic tanks, thermal – disinfector (with their related accessories ) which all combine DATA traceability, user-friendly design, connectivity, eco-friendly logics, inspection system. EURONDA trusts a lot not only in creating high performance products, but also on the high quality level of assistance offered to its customers, and on the internal standards guaranteed according to the ISO 9001 certification.