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DIAMIR has been synonymous with diamond tipped burrs since 1983 and produces them in different types, with different forms, dimensions and grain sizes to bring its products into line with the request of the dental market.

Production also includes; FG diamond tipped burrs for turbine, RA diamond tipped burrs for counterangle, HP diamond tipped burrs for handpieces, disks, diamond tipped burrs FG type for turbine, sterile-disposable.
DIAMIR burrs are the outcome of careful clinical and technical evaluation of the various burring problems in dentistry. Designed and manufactured according to this clinical- technical approach, DIAMIR diamond tipped burrs are the best response to the requirements of dentistry.
The main features of DIAMIR are quality, service and price.
Quality: the choice of the materials and production techniques, together special strict controls both of the product and the production process performed according to the most advanced quality management criteria have always guaranteed the quality of the DIAMIR product.
Service: direct relations with the most qualified operators in the sector guarantees full involvement in each commercial stage.
Price: rationalization of production processes and channels of distribution has made DIAMIR products highly competitive.