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The company traces back to the talent of a man who has been able to seize the opportunities offered by the market, even without expressly looking for them. It was the year 1947.

Pietro Castellano, our maternal grandfather, delighting in electro-mechanical activities, developed the first vibrator for plaster and investments and, in the years to come, worked out additional appliances and dental equipment. Towards the end of the Sixties, he handed over the small company to his daughter Maria and his son-in-law Giuseppe Catella, thus giving new strength thanks to the acquisition of some new sole agencies. Finally, in 1972, Dentalfarm was established. The research efforts of Dentalfarm led to unique, patent-pending technical solutions: the WAFIS system, assuring fume extraction and elimination of dust particles up to 99.8% thanks to a basic physical principle combined with atomized water. Still nowadays, no efficient alternatives have been found so far. Additional exclusive systems will follow: the Dry Oxide System and the Quick Discharge Valve to improve the blasting flow and to stop it in the immediate during the microblasting procedures. Besides, a wealth of versatile solutions led the Company to strengthen its reputation on international markets. Nowadays, the third generation, led by the son Alberto and the daughter Laura and supported by a dynamic staff, strives to be the preferred choice of dental equipment for dealers and technicians and is enlarging its manufacturing program with the addition of quality and competitively priced products. Dentalfarm thus prosecutes the task started by grandfather Pietro more than half century ago: the response to the outstanding problems in the Dental Laboratory, and the satisfaction of the most demanding Customer.