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Dental Tech: a long road dedicated to implantology
Dental Tech is an established Italian company based in Misinto (MB – Italy) which has been marketing its products for some years in some foreign countries. For over 40 years, it has dedicated its experience in the biomedical and dental implant industry, making its brand a synonym of quality.
The primary objective is always to provide reliable and versatile implant lines to meet the needs of professionals and face the different clinical needs, always maintaining a high quality standard and the right price.
With the aim to set the standards of tomorrow and improving existing ones, Dental Tech has a technical staff constantly employed in research and development to offer the best solutions to professionals and patients.
The result is a constant know-how, always in step with the times to be the point of reference, able to satisfy the needs of the dentist and the well-being of the patient.
Another strong point is a sales force that support clinicians with their daily requirements. Besides, thanks to the synergy with qualified clinical, dentists are trained in the use of the implant system, through advanced courses suitable for the implementation of the clinical performance of the participants.
Conical and cylindrical implants are available, with internal and external connection, transmucosal and submerged, short and mini implants, in diameters ranging from Ø3.25 to Ø5.5 and lengths from 6 to 16 mm.
The implants are subjected to a consolidated surface treatment, which, for over 22 years, involves a double process of sandblasting and etching of the surface. In this way optimal roughness values are obtained which make the adhesion of the fibrin to the surface more tenacious, facilitating the healing process of the bone and significantly reducing the time.