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Founded by a group which has worked in different sectors since 1923, DENTAL MARKET has been employed for more than twenty years in the manufacture and sale of dental articles.

The constant commitment to research and the care paid to continual technological innovations has today allowed DENTAL MARKET to offer a wide range of top quality products.
The advanced design systems, sophisticated manufacturing machinery, modern factory and quality control equipment used by DENTAL MARKET guarantee the excellent quality-price ratio and the efficient ex-stock customer service.
Currently DENTAL MARKET manufactures stainless steel trays, perforated and not, with and without retention edge, in aluminium, nickel plated brass, white and coloured rylsanized, endo box, silicon cups, burr holders in aluminium and Plexiglas, stainless steel trays and basins, etc.
The line is completed by an equally vast range of disposable products: maxi and mini trays, basins, suction tips, total protection masks, used needle holders, dappen dishes in various colours, miscellaneous instrumentation, refuse bins etc.
In a context of rapid evolution of the market, DENTAL MARKET considers the ISO 9002 and CE standards as a reference point for total quality of its products.