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The history of CATO begins in 1976, in a small town in the North East of Italy. Born from the brilliant intuition of its founder, Donato Dalla Libera, today CATO is still characterized by the dedication of the beginnings, the same that led it to become a leader in the field of technical furniture for dental laboratories and dental offices. Almost 50 years have passed, a long time lived with the passion that has always distinguished us. Our commitment is always aimed at design and produce extremely technical creations, the result of ideals, tenacity and foresight, principles that have given life to the CATO style.

At the center of every CATO creation, we put the person with his work and his needs. We start from this perspective to carry out projects that meet functionality and perfect integration between ergonomics, design, technological innovation as well as respect for the environment and the customer care. An attention that is also perceived in the rigorous choice of materials, as much as possible ecological and recyclable. What makes us unique is the passion we put into everything we do, the same that drives us every day to think, conceive and design our new best product.

Consider the person at the center of each of our creations is the heart and the engine of everything we do. Each CATO creation is unique because is designed and tailored to meet every professional need of our customers. The attention to the ergonomic aspect of every single component is aimed at obtaining always the best dynamic management of movements and the postural well-being of professionals. Doing each job as smoothly and correctly as possible, every day for several hours, can make a difference for the body, the mood and, more generally, for a better quality of life.