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We are an Italian company based in San Pietro in Casale, a town in the Metropolitan area of Bologna. This area, as well as the entire Emilia-Romagna region, represents a territory long known in Europe for its tradition and know-how in the production of high precision mechanical components.

Our production facilities are among the finest in Europe and we use our expertise in implant design to make the best and most up to date implant systems and implant-based services. In addition to in house production, our facilities include a Guided Surgery planning, a Milling Centre and a Training Centre.

To back up our designs, we carry our research and long-term studies in the leading universities in Europe, while regularly publishing articles and studies on our products.

With our main markets consisting of Germany and China, we are certified and export our products to over 33 countries.

C-Tech offers a full line of dental implants – that consists of both conventional and mini implants – as well as a line dedicated exclusively to Bone regeneration.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of prosthetics, which can be customized thanks to the C-Mill/CAD-CAM centers.

We also provide educational and training opportunities on a regular basis, both in our headquarters and abroad. This important service aims to address a critical aspect of dental and medical products: the required training education to correctly use them.

For this reason, our training activities aim to help professionals in reaching their full potential, while providing the patient the highest level of care.

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