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Biomec, one of the oldest Company in Italy in the Implantology’s field, was founded in 1990.

Since then, all the efforts have been focused on research, development and manufacturing of innovative solutions for dental replacement, since 2005 proposed to the market with the brand Oxy Implant.

Biomec produces within the company 100% of Oxy Implant products, using high-quality raw materials: commercially pure Titanium Grade IV for implants, Titanium Grade V for prosthetic components and stainless steel for surgical instruments.

The seventeen next-generation lathes of the workshop used to manufacture these devices are equipped with the best CNC technology to work with extremely high precision and stringent tolerances, thus ensuring an implant-abutment system excellent quality.

The 30-year-company know-how allows to keep constantly Oxy Implant® line devices at the quality level required by the most advanced scientific literature.
Oxy Implant® aims to offer dental professionals various alternatives to face different clinical situations, in order to ensure correct rehabilitation treatment with dental implants.
The pursuit of the highest quality, the collaboration with research centres and Universities and the constant dialogue with the best Italian and foreign Implantologists, results in the great long-term reliability of the Oxy Implant® dental system for the benefit of both Doctors and Patients.

The surface treatment “Advanced Micro Surface”, that characterises all Oxy Implant Lines, helps to reach that goal: it is realized through double chemical action completed with cold-plasma-Argon decontamination.  In this way  the implant surface is characterised by a high degree of cleanliness and a homogeneous micro-porosity which boosts the osseointegration and the maximum percentage of clinical success.

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