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B. & B. DENTAL S.r.l.


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B. & B. DENTAL S.r.l.

B&B Dental is the leading Italian company in the field of oral Implantology, specialised in the design of dental implants and of materials for bone regeneration. Founded by Dott. Claudio Banzi in 1992, it has stood out on the market since the beginning thanks to its continuous research and the development of innovative and totally original cutting-edge products . Over 20 years’ proven experience make B&B Dental a nationally and internationally recognised and appreciated name. B&B Dental knows that to be in line with new technologies, it must always be one step ahead. This is why it has had three main objectives for many years: the development of its product, scrupulous attention to laws and regulations, the growth of its corporate image abroad. B&B Dental stands out because of its seriousness and reliability, thanks to the added value of wanting to “get things right”. B&B Dental relies on prestigious university research collaborations, capable of bestowing scientific significance to undeniably qualitative mechanical and design prototypes. Close work alongside professors with an established reputation ensures B&B Dental’s products and protocols obtain a greater scientific significance and importance. A team of partner surgeons is in constant contact with the company in order to provide daily tips and to disseminate reference publications and guiding “case histories”. B&B Dental has been certified as one of the first top Italian companies in the field of oral implantology and has achieved the validation by the German TUV, according to the requirements of EN ISO13485. Other validations have recently followed, such as the prestigious and difficult to obtain SFDA for China, GOST R for Russia and TFDA for Taiwan. B&B Dental is able to solve all requirements, both in terms of end user convenience and of warehouse management, thanks to its lines with various diameters (from 3 to 7 mm), which suit every bone condition, and to CONEXA, the unique prosthetic connection which is compatible with all the implants produced. B&B Dental branded instrumentation has a high wear resistance thanks to the use of special materials. It comes in convenient dedicated and complete ready-to-use kits which are tailor-made according to the type of operation and to needs. B&B Dental is constantly able to offer technicians and dental surgeons the equipment they require, thanks to the extreme ease of use of the instruments and to a constantly updated range of new surgical accessories. B&B Dental’s experience and research have led to the birth of Novocor PLUS and NOVOBON, the bone regeneration materials patented by Dr. Banzi. Collagen and titanium membranes whose forms, designed according to Dr. Banzi’s original drawings, allow a greater effectiveness in protecting and stabilising the implanted material, are also available in addition to these exclusive implant devices. All these easily applied regeneration materials employed are unique because their components and effectiveness are completely different from those currently available on the market. The entire mechanical production of B&B Dental devices takes place in the factory located in Argelato, Bologna. The factory is equipped with a production technology able to monitor, stage by stage, the entire manufacturing process of the product. 12 CNC and polishing machines, one working station which employs CAD/CAM techniques and very high definition optical measuring instruments for Quality Control, allow a constant excellent production, down to the smallest details. But its greatest strength is the Cleanroom class ISO6. Installed in 2009. B&B Dental offers a constantly informed and highly competitive Customer Service. In addition, its agents and distributors’ expert assistance is available worldwide and throughout the entire cycle of use of the product, constantly supporting the customer’s every need. A before and after quality sales service which satisfies customers and increases profit margins, improving the company’s image and success. A service whose ability to offer the highest quality standards makes the difference in the markets. B&B Dental is aware of this and that’s why it has been organising conferences, including international ones, and courses to present updates and new techniques applied to implantology for years now. These conferences are achieving an ever-increasing success among professionals, thanks also to new surgery preparation techniques through three-dimensional computer simulations (Guided Surgery). These methodologies have enormous potential, because they envisage increasingly precise diagnosis, lower risk margins and faster processing schedules. Through its widespread experience, B&B Dental supports both doctors and technicians, as well as its distribution network. Contact Customer Service at 051.811375 or write to info@bebdental.it

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