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ADVAN – Implantology Reinvented

ADVAN pursues an innovative vision of implantology: placing implant systems at the heart of the digital workflow, as the dental team’s imperative and essential requirement to address patient needs in the best possible way.

ADVAN offers a complete range of dental implantology products and services, updating them continually to meet the manifold needs of physicians and patients.

Innovation and Quality: the binomial expression indicating the close collaboration between clinicians and the biomedical engineering know-how underlying our ability to develop innovative systems. Our highly qualified personnel and our partnerships with several universities ensure ongoing research activity, alongside investments in technological innovation, to be constantly in line with all relevant international standards.

All of which has led ADVAN to transcend the notion of osseointegration and develop biologically integrated implant systems, ensuring perfect preservation of marginal bone as well as ideal preservation of peri-implant tissues. Our solutions designed specifically for immediate loading and our innovative GFA (Gingival Former Abutment) bank on all the elements that have projected ADVAN into the era of digital technologies in dentistry.

Activation of Advan Service provides professionals with an integrated offer of products and services that enable applying the most advanced level of digital workflow to implantology treatments, thus anticipating the kind of evolution that processes currently viewed as conventional will eventually undergo.

We are committed to creating value for patients and professionals by way of clear and well-defined goals that everyone at ADVAN acknowledges and pursues relentlessly. We are all personally accountable and aware of how the quality of our products and services influences the quality of everyday life for thousands of people.

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