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8853 S.p.A.


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8853 S.p.A.

Company with decades experience and leader in Italy in the precious metal industry and the semifinished. 8853 S.p.A., thanks to hight quality of its products and its laboratories with latest technology, is a landmark in Italy and abroad. 8853 is developed also in a dental context in the italian and international scene thanks to 88Dent brand. The activities of 88Dent dates back to 1970 when Mario Villa decides to come in and invest in the world of dental alloys. Thanks to its highly qualified staff, 88Dent today allows dental technicians and experts in the dental industry to discover how digitalize themselves, while maintaining the aesthetic customization, which has always characterized the dental profession. 88Dent is 88System: software modeling and design CAD -CAM Dental, Dental Laboratory scanner, dental milling machines 4 and 5-axis, zirconia sintering furnace, vacuum systems and implant solutions. Strong emphasis is given to consumables with 88Metals, Technopolymers and 88Zirkon. But it does not end there. 88Dent is 88Ceram: the line of ceramics for aesthetic excellence. From ceramics to metal by layering and pressing, to zirconia and disilicate, universal coating, 88Ceram offers the right solutions for each type of processing. No shortage of press furnaces and cooking, hopper scale and the micromotor, all signed Zubler, of which 8853 S.p.A. It is sole importer in Italy. Focusing on the motto “nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed” 88Dent provides a metals recovery service to prosthetics, providing monetization at market prices and the exchange rate for investment bullion. From this year 88Dent launches national and international dental market Pocket Laser: the first laser diode in a compact design equipped with interchangeable sapphire tips, biostimolation and LLLT handpiece, fiber optic 200/300/400 μm and wavelength 915 nm . Pocket Laser is a product 8853 S.p.A.