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Established in 1961, Sisma is a worldwide reference for the design and production of extremely high precision machinery, combining an independent and cutting edge design and production organization with a wealth of highly specialized human resources, thus guaranteeing top product quality and a prompt response to market changes and requirements. mysint 100 is a Metal 3D Printer that allows to exploit the efficiencies offered by the digital design. Combining intra-oral scanning, CAD/CAM design and the LMF technology mysint 100 can produce crowns, bridges, partial frames and abutments with speed and accuracy. Sisma is also focusing in the study of post -process solutions for LMF: Sint&Mill is a patented process for CNC milling of CoCr and Titanium dental elements created through the LMF technology including the supply of hardware, software, and the transfer of technology to bring them within required mechanical tolerance. myrev 140 is a high productivity Professional Laser 3D Printer with three innovative revolving platforms (patented system) ideal for long and unattended sessions, able to produce high definition digital impression materials, aligners, surgical guides, 3D medical print (clear transparent), castable object, temporary crowns and bridges.

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