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    OVERMED Srl is an Italian firm with consolidated experience in the medical sector, gained through years of research and development in close collaboration with qualified physicians in the field of oral implantology, osteosynthesis and orthopaedics.
    The firm’s special medical device design operations centre in Milan is supported by a team of experts taking advantage of the very latest technology, and intense collaboration with a series of highly qualified scientific research institutes and authorities.
    Aided by cutting-edge equipment and consolidated production experience, OVERMED Srl technicians are qualified to manage the entire process involved in the production of medical devices. Their pride and joy: the ISO 6 class clean room.
    All implants are manufactured using grade 4 titanium for medical applications, and the meticulous care dedicated to the surface finishes along with stringent controls over the production process make the EasyLine range of oral implant systems one of the most valid implantology systems available on the international market. OVERMED Srl handles the entire production cycle, delivering dentists a totally sterile implant system fully ready for surgical use.
    EasyLine is a complete implant system that offers safe and reliable solutions to all demands, applicable in all conditions and for single or double phase procedures. The EasyLine range includes: EasyDip, for submerged implants, EasyNeck, for transmucosal implants, EasyRapid, for rapid, non-cutting surgical procedures, EasyShort, for use with limited vertical space, and EasyFix, for mini, provisional implants.
    OVERMED Srl has implemented a company Quality Management System in full compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 13485-2012 standards.

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    UNIDI, In over 40 years of activity (it was set up in 1969) UNIDI has made an all-important contribution to the growth of the Italian dental industry. Today, it is one of the world leaders; among the first for volume of business, technological innovation and exports.

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