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    Curaden Healthcare SpA was established in 2001 and has soon become a leader in the oral hygiene market through the company's expertise, innovative product lines and management drive.


    The main objective of Curaden Healthcare SpA is to offer groundbreaking original solutions for both chemical and mechanical oral hygiene. Curaden serves consumers directly with an extensive range of products specifically for home use while working constantly to alert Dentists, Hygienists and Pharmacists to the need to promote more innovative tools and techniques to combat masticatory apparatus disorders. With our advanced research labs, our dynamic and efficient structure, and our highly motivated staff of professional experts, Curaden has become a beacon of excellence in the Italian oral hygiene arena in just a few years. With the Curasept, Curaprox, Biosmalto and Buccagel brands, we have developed specific products that provide inventive, effective solutions for Patient health and reliable tools for all Specialists in the field. Our advanced formulas have helped to enhance treatment systems and techniques for better Patient compliance while facilitating healthcare professionals' "efforts". Innovation and quality are the keys to Curaden's rapid raise in the oral hygiene market.

    The Curaden portfolio comprises 8 product lines for professional (Mynol), mechanical (Curaprox) and chemical (Curasept ADS, Curasept Daycare, Curasept Ecobio, Curasept Whitening, Biosmalto and Buccagel) oral hygiene.

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    UNIDI, In over 40 years of activity (it was set up in 1969) UNIDI has made an all-important contribution to the growth of the Italian dental industry. Today, it is one of the world leaders; among the first for volume of business, technological innovation and exports.

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