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    Since 1985 we have been designing, manufacturing, importing and distributing products and equipment for:
    Dental practises
    We were the first to propose a complete line of products and equipment for cleaning, disinfecting, packaging and sterilizing dental instruments, along with control tests for autoclaves and sterilization processes in general. Fully aware of the importance of correct lighting in dental practises, we have developed a range of overhead lighting solutions specifically created for clinical environments, and offer surgical lamps capable of meeting all professional requirements. We offer a complete range of products dedicated to safety, such as water, compressed air and ambient air treatment systems, and products for the complete disinfection of both instruments and work surfaces. We have also developed a line for patient monitoring and emergency management, along with a complete line of dry compressors, chairs and instruments characterised by high-level ergonomics.
    Dental laboratories
    We offer dental laboratories specific products developed to meet all requirements, from bench lights (with or without magnification) to air purifiers. We also supply equipment like compressors and ultrasonic baths. Hospital structures and private clinics
    Our overhead lighting systems are certified for hospital and clinical environments. We also supply equipment such as compressors, ultrasonic baths, thermowelders and autoclaves, and products for disinfection and testing that are widely used in the medical field.
    A number of our product lines find applications in industry as well: for example, our ultrasonic baths are used in a wide range of industrial cleaning processes, while our bench lighting systems are perfectly for industrial workstations.
    Other sectors
    Thanks to the versatility of our equipment, especially the ultrasonic baths and compressors, and our wide range of lighting and disinfection solutions, we are able to meet the widest range of demands from sectors as varied as veterinary surgeries, analysis laboratories, beauty centres and tattoo parlours. De Marco equipment is insured under an Allianz Civil Liability Policy, and we offer technical assistance services, at our offices, and post-sales support for our own products and those of the companies we represent.
    We were amongst the first in the sector to obtain DNV Quality System Certification, in 1988.

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    UNIDI, In over 40 years of activity (it was set up in 1969) UNIDI has made an all-important contribution to the growth of the Italian dental industry. Today, it is one of the world leaders; among the first for volume of business, technological innovation and exports.

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